Second fatal dog attack in Windsor being investigated

A dog attack in Jackson Park is under investigation.
(CBC File Photo)

A large anatolian shepherd is believed to be responsible for attacking and killing two smaller dogs in the past two weeks, according to city bylaw officers.

The latest attack happened in Jackson Park on Thursday around 3:30 p.m. when the dog got off its leash and attacked a smaller dog, explained Craig Robertson, the city's licensing supervisor.

He said it's believed this is the same dog involved in an attack earlier this month near Giles Boulevard West and Dougall Avenue.

In both incidents, the injured animals later died.

"It definitely is a concern when we have instances like this when dogs are getting off their leashes and attacking and biting people and other pets," Robertson said. 

After the second incident, Windsor police were contacted by the owner of the shepherd, according to Const. Andrew Drouillard. The owner told police she tried to step in to separate the animals.

The larger dog was initially described by police as a 60-kilogram bullmastiff but Drouillard says it is now believed to be an anatolian shepherd.

Investigators then forwarded their report to city bylaw officers, who were still dealing with the first incident.

"We were in the process of completing the investigation, however, with the information we received this morning, there may be different avenues we need to take immediately," Robertson said.

Some enforcement options include charges and sanctions against the owner as well as applying for a destruction order of the animal.

To keep animals safe, Robertson urges residents to be vigilant of their pets.

"People need to be aware that, at the end of the day, they may be your family pet, but they are an animal and they can be unpredictable at times," he said.