The Windsor flood told through first-person stories

Nearly 200 mm of rain fell over parts of Tecumseh and Windsor, Ont. It's being called the storm of a generation, with hundreds of residents experiencing flooding in their homes.

A first-person look at how the flooding affected Windsor residents

Residents on Orchard Park Drive pump water out of their basement after Thursday's widespread flooding in the Windsor region. (Jason Viau/CBC)

Nearly 200 mm of rain fell over parts of Tecumseh and Windsor, Ont. It's being called the storm of a generation, with hundreds of residents experiencing flooding in their homes. 

Here are the stories of some who have been affected by the rising water, through their own words.

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Sammir Danho -- Homeowner, Windsor

Sammir Danho and his wife slept in shifts Thursday to keep the water from coming into their home. (CBC)

I didn't sleep last night. My wife and I, we slept in shifts, honestly. If we went to sleep the water would have been all over the house. I just bought a pump, maybe we can get a little bit of sleep. I'm very nervous. We didn't take a shower, didn't go to the washroom since yesterday. If more rain comes in, what are we going to do?  

Don Jamieson — Homeowner, Little River, Tecumseh

Don Jamieson says his insurance provider cancelled the flood insurance of his neighbours, leaving them on the hook for damages. (CBC)

"This has never happened before, they've taken away our insurance, this being the neighbourhood we're in many of the residents in this neighbourhood are going to sustain thousands and thousands of dollars in damages due to this particular issue here."   

"It's shocking. You think you have insurance, you pay for it. You make sure you make those payments every single month and you pay diligently knowing that you have this protection and then when you apply for the protection you paid for — in my case 17 years — you find out you don't have it."

"There's going to be a lot of residents here that are going to be up in arms with their insurance companies."

Mike Moroz — Driver, Tecumseh Mall, Windsor

Mike Moroz took his minivan out to drive through the water that formed on Windsor's streets. (CBC)

"When it's knee-deep in the city of Windsor, who knows what's going to happen? I'm 37 years old and I've never seen anything like this. We were [heading] through the park over there in my '99 minivan, it was interesting to see. Wow."

Matilda Adams — Homeowner, Orchard Park Drive, Windsor

John and Matilda Adams discovered their flooded basement around 7 a.m. Thursday after severe rainfall hit the Town of Tecumseh and the rest of Essex County. (Jason Viau/CBC)

"It kept pouring, I just couldn't keep up. There was nothing we could do anymore. The damage is done. This whole lower level was finished off and it's all under water. I don't know what to say. I'm very, very depressed right now. I'll tell you. We're not that young and able to handle all this work."

Bob Fowler — Plumber, Riverside Drive

Bob Fowler, a Windsor, Ont. plumber watches as flood waters come into his shop. (Marine Lefevre/Radio-Canada )

"Everything is flooded. The streets are full, the sewers are full, the lot is full, my office is full. It's comical. What can you do about it? It keeps coming down. It's raining, you can't do nothing about it."