'The weather is just perfect': Windsorites soak up summer in September

The hot summer days may soon be coming to end but many Windsorites are spending their time outside to give the warm weather one last hurrah before the season ends.

Highs are expected to remain just below 30 the rest of the week

The last days of summer

14 days ago
Windsor-Essex residents share their thoughts on the end of summer as cooler weather is just around the corner. 0:56

Windsorites are trying to soak up the last few days of summer before fall officially starts next week and the weather couldn't be better. 

According to Environment Canada, temperatures in Windsor-Essex are predicted to reach a high of 30 C with a low of 17 C Tuesday. Highs are expected to remain just below 30 the rest of the week. 

"You've got to take it where you can, right? You've got a good day, you've got to take advantage of it, right?" Steve Maddock, a local leisure fisherman, said. 

"Even if you're not catching fish you're doing something right? You're not just sitting at home watching Netflix. We do a lot of that."

Lena Busico and her granddaughter London, took a stroll by the riverfront to enjoy the warmer temperatures. 

"It's a beautiful, beautiful day today, we're enjoying it. This is kind of probably our last few days of beautiful weather and we are very lucky here in Windsor to have our riverfront. 

"We decided to come out to the riverfront," Lena Busico said. (Darrin Di Carlo/CBC)

While some residents may be dreading the thought of colder weather, Geannette Hastings, a Windsor-Essex resident, said she is ready for the autumn air. 

"I like cold and I like warm," Hastings said. "I take my time. I sit in the car and I knit and crochet and make a few bucks."

Hastings said she "loved" the summer, however, because she was able to walk through the park everyday. 

Ahmed Aldraidi said he wants to encourage people to come out and enjoy the warm weather while they can. 

"I push the people to come on and stay with us," he said. "Enjoy your life. The life is one time. Don't forget."

With files by Darrin DiCarlo