Local corn sales are popping after an unusually slow growing season

Corn sales have begun after a slow growing season and some farmers expect the season to continue late into the fall this year.

Farmers anticipate a long corn season into the fall

"As soon as I bring the stand out, people stop," says local farmer

1 year ago
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Don Malott, a farmer of 35 years, sells thousands of ears of corn per day.

Corn season is back in Windsor-Essex after a cool start to the growing season — and it's looking like a good year.

Sales on county roads are beginning to pop up and some farmers believe the season will last a bit longer into October as long as mother nature co-operates.

Don Malott has been a farmer for 35 years. He said he typically sells approximately two thousand ears of corn each day. 

"As soon as I bring the stand out, people stop. I don't usually bring it out until the corn is ready and we open, then boom. Away it goes," Malott said.

Some of Malott's corn is sold in grocery stores but most of it is sold on stands. 

Malott said he's been growing over 40 different types of corn this year, and he's not done yet. 

"I have one more planting left to go that will hopefully be ready on Thanksgiving," Malott said.