Windsor electrical company hit by phone spoofing

A Windsor company is going through some major phone trouble.

Owner of Windsor Starters Powerhouse has phone number 'hijacked'

Jim Gibbs is the victim of a phone spoofing scam. (Lisa Xing/CBC News)

A Windsor business is being inundated with angry phone calls and they don't really know why or how to stop them.

Windsor Starters Powerhouse is an auto parts outlet on Wyandotte St. E.

Owner Jim Gibbs told CBC that either a prankster or a call centre is phoning people, and making it look like the calls are coming from his business, called I.D. spoofing.

Starting Tuesday afternoon, he has been inundated with hundreds of angry calls. 

"When people call me, they're saying, 'Your number showed up. What were you calling me about?'" said Gibbs. "Some people called me and said, 'That was totally uncalled for. You're vulgar.'"

Gibbs said he did not make any of these calls.

"All our customers who would be trying to call in on that line would be getting a busy signal," said Gibbs. "It was total chaos."

Gibbs said it could be a hit to his business.

"I don't want to give up my number that I've had for 28 years. All my customers, trucks, advertising have that number," he said. "If I disconnect my number, which most people have to do, I will have to spend a lot of money to advertise."