Swings, play equipment and tire tracks: driver doing doughnuts caught on camera

A driver has been doing doughnuts at a west Windsor park.

'Childish, stupid behaviour,' says ward councillor

A driver's been caught on camera doing doughnuts in a west Windsor park. (Glenn Baird/Facebook)

The Curry Playlot, a City of Windsor park located at McKay Avenue and Grove Avenue, comes complete with play equipment, swings and tire tracks.

But lately, someone's been doing doughnuts on a patch of grass at the park.

Area resident Glenn Baird caught the driver multiple times on his front-porch street-view security camera. The driver goes up the curb, does a few loops on the grass and then drives away. He installed the security system mostly to monitor his backyard pool. 

Ward 2 Coun. Fabio Costante said he hopes the police do something about it.

"The residents are pretty vigilant about it," said Costante. "I don't understand why [the driver] would do that."

The more than two minutes of video Baird strung together spans several days, including a few doughnuts in the dark on April 3 and two daytime spins on April 3 and 4. 

"I'm almost certain he lives in the neighbourhood," said Baird, adding he thinks the driver moved in about a month ago. This past week was the first time he'd seen the doughnuts happening. 

The park, called the 'Curry Playlot' by the City of Windsor, is off Grove Avenue between McKay and Curry.

Costante called it "childish, stupid behaviour."

"That park is used, it's a community park, a neighbourhood park," he said. "That kind of activity impedes the enjoyment of that park."

Baird said there's usually small children on the play structure, especially around 5 p.m. — which is when one of the videos was recorded.

"If there's kids in the park at the time, they could get hurt by the vehicle," said Baird, adding the ruts will make it difficult and "pretty easy to twist an ankle" while the neighbourhood children play soccer in that field.

According to Baird, there used to be a concrete barrier in place to keep vehicles out of the park, but they were removed when the baseball diamonds were removed from the park. 

Windsor's doughnut driver

2 years ago
A driver has been caught on a residential security camera doing doughnuts in a park. 2:14

Costante hopes it won't happen again.

"I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe it was just a one-time thing," he said.

But he's also seen tire tracks at the nearby Gateway Park too. 

"How someone got through there is beyond me," said Costante. "Sometimes you see this because folks are using an alley or a park to dump things, but to do doughnuts like this? Usually that happens in parking lots."

The City of Windsor said they would look into the matter but were not sure if repairs would be needed.


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