Bright Lights festival brings more business to shops around Jackson Park

The lights display at Jackson Park is increasing customers to area businesses, but parking has been a problem

Some shops extending hours during light display

Thousands attended the opening ceremony for Bright Lights Windsor and posed for pictures with the lights display. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

The Bright Lights Windsor display in Jackson Park is having a positive impact on area businesses, but it's also bringing challenges.

The $1.5 million light display is attracting thousands of people, which is giving businesses a shot in the arm, but those visitors are also parking in lots near the park which is taking up spots needed by the businesses.

"We have rear parking which we noticed got a little bit jammed up, and our side parking here as well so we just kinda put our signage up and it helped us out," said Fabio Biafore, owner of IL Capo Barber Headquarters on Tecumseh Road East.

Fabio Biafore, owner of IL Capo Barber Headquarters said he's keeping his shop open later for customers visiting the Bright Lights Windsor festival. (Melissa Nakhavoly/CBC)

However, he added more people are also frequenting his barbershop, so he has started staying open later since the festival began.

Meanwhile, at the Shawarma Express at Tecumseh Road East and McDougall, manager Sass Ammar says the light display is brightening up his bottom line.

"I am having 10 to 15 per cent more business [than usual]," he said.

Bright Lights Windsor continues to January 6.

Bright Lights in Windsor

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The $1.5 million dollar holiday light display was turned on Friday night.

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