Senior tells truckers 'take care, stay safe,' in hundreds of thank-you cards she writes for them

Perrin's card project started back April, after she heard on the news about the difficult conditions truckers were facing while trying to do their jobs in pandemic.

Beverley Perrin has written over 1,000 cards for truckers

Senior hands out hundreds of cards for truck drivers

2 years ago
Duration 1:38
Beverley Perrin wanted to give back to truck drivers for their work during the pandemic. She heads to an Ontario truck stop occasionally to hand out hundreds of thank-you cards.

Beverley Perrin has given out over 1,000 thank-you cards to complete strangers in the last year.

The Chatham senior hands them out to truck drivers as a gesture, letting them know how much she appreciates their hard work during their pandemic.

"If it wasn't for the truckers, our shelves would be empty in the stores," she said.

She and her husband Dick give out the cards at the truck stop in Tilbury, Ont. The operator even allows her leave a box of cards to reach other drivers, and calls Perrin when the box gets emptied. 

Perrin's project started back April, after she heard on the news about the conditions truckers were facing while trying to do their jobs in the pandemic, including long hours and having difficulty in finding a place to use the washroom.

"When I first started doing it they just kind of looked at me like 'Really?' It was a shock," she said. 

Beverley Perrin, shown with her husband Dick, has been providing cards for truckers to thank them for their work during the pandemic. (Submitted by Beverly Perrin)

She writes a message in each card: "thank you so much for bringing supplies to our stores, even though it is sometimes under harsh circumstances. Take care, stay safe, God's blessing on you always."

She signs off with "Love Beverley Perrin, a very grateful senior."

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