Wind turbine town hall open to all sides of debate

Conservative MPP Rick Nicholls will host what he calls a non-partisan town hall on wind turbines Tuesday night near Blenheim.

Conservative MPP Rick Nicholls will host what he calls a 'non-partisan town hall' on wind turbines Tuesday evening near Blenheim.

The Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP has arranged for a trio of speakers to talk about the health and economic effects of the alternative energy source.

He said there will also be delegations given five minutes to speak, and a question-and-answer period to follow.

"It’s been a rising concern in my riding .... even before the election," he said. "People are very, very concerned, not just about the aesthetic values but the economics about these wind turbines."

Nicholls said the Liberal government's feed-in-tariff program is much too costly to the citizens of Ontario.

Nicholls said he believes in green energy, but not the Green Energy Act. He said it was rushed into law, and that consumers are paying way too much for alternative energy.

"We would do away with the FIT program. There are other options. But it has to be affordable," Nicholls said.

He said there are 500 wind turbines proposed for 645 square kilometres in his riding.

Nicholls said wind turbine manufacturers were invited to the town hall. Some accepted the invitation and will attend, but several more declined.

"People need facts," Nicholls said. "People need to hear both sides."

No one will be denied access to the meeting, Nicholls said.

It begins at 7 p.m. at Deer Run Golf Course, west of Cedar Springs at Talbot Trail and Bloomfield Road.