Wild turkeys strutting around south Windsor

Look out for turkeys on the road. That's not a reference to bad drivers.

Flocks were seen in downtown area this time last year

A rafter of wild turkeys on a street in south Windsor. (Jo Lynn Sheane/CBC)

Look out for turkeys on the streets of Windsor — and no, that is not a reference to bad drivers. 

Flocks of wild turkeys have been spotted in south Windsor.

This group of wild turkeys was spotted in South Windsor on Monday. (Jo Lynn Sheane/CBC)

The big-bodied birds have invaded Windsor's suburban areas around this time in previous years.

According to ERCA, the birds typically prefer to stick to the country to avoid people.

Erinn Waringer had to stop her car on Longfellow Avenue in Windsor so the turkeys could cross the road. (Erinn Waringer)
These turkeys are taking over front lawns in Windsor. (Erinn Waringer)