Vollmer Complex in LaSalle re-opens for Family Day after ammonia leak

The Vollmer Complex in LaSalle is open for Family Day fun after it was evacuated on Sunday for a small ammonia leak. Free skating and swimming will go ahead as planned.

Swimming and skating will still be taking place

The Vollmer Complex in LaSalle re-opened in time for Family Day activities after it was evacuated Sunday due to an ammonia leak.

Emergency crews responded to an alarm caused by a small leak in the refrigeration room and the entire complex was shut down while tests were conducted.

Patti Funaro, an official with the Town of LaSalle, said there are no safety concerns about the Vollmer Complex. (Dale Molnar/CBC)

"It was discovered that there was pipe that was leaking," said Patti Funaro, acting director of culture and recreation for the town. "Out of precaution for public safety we keep the facility closed until that pipe could be taken out of service." 

Free skating and public swimming proceeded as planned, according to officials from the Town of LaSalle.

No safety concerns, says official

Randy Freer was teaching his granddaughter Petyon to skate Monday afternoon. Although he said he was a "bit worried" about the leak, he added he trusts staff at the recreation centre to keep visitors safe.

"I'm sure it's fine," he said. "They said that the air quality is fine."

The Vollmer Complex has been the site of several repairs including rotting floors and flooding since it opened in 2008, but Funaro said there aren't any concerns about the safety of the building.

"We are going to be celebrating our 10th anniversary next year," she said. "Certainly as any building ages you're going to see things that are starting to break down and need repariting."