Students can smoke pot on UWindsor campus, but not in residences

University of Windsor has released its policy for cannabis consumption on campus.

University is prohibiting the delivery of Ontario Cannabis Store products to campus

With impending pot legalization, businesses should be thinking about the rules they have in place for drug and alcohol usage, and communicating those to employees, says the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. (Elaine Thompson/Associated Press)

University of Windsor students can smoke pot in designated areas on campus, but not in their residences. They also can't have Ontario Cannabis Store products delivered to campus.

The university released its policy on recreational cannabis use Tuesday ahead of legalization on Oct. 17.

While students can smoke weed in "clearly marked designated smoking areas," the university wants to remind students that it is working to make the campus smoke-free by 2020.

"Once the University reaches this goal, smoking cannabis will no longer be permitted on campus," the university says in a news release.

The vice president for human resources said staff working at the university also need to be fit for duty.

"In keeping with its obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the University requires that all employees (faculty, staff, graduate and teaching assistants, student employees, etc.) report fit to work and remain fit to work," said Rita La Civita.

Employees who are campus police, people working at heights, operating motor vehicles or machinery and equipment of any kind, working in labs, a kitchen or serving food are not permitted to consume pot while at work.

Starting Oct. 17, recreational use of cannabis will be legal and people over the age of 19 in Ontario will be able to purchase it online through the Ontario Cannabis Store.