U of W expands water-quality research programs in China

The agreement further strengthens collaborations that began several years ago that aim to study important reserves of fresh water in China
(University of Windsor)

The University of Windsor signed two new agreements with groups in China that aim to advance research programs for water quality and automotive engineering.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended the signings Thursday during his official visit to China. 

"These two agreements build on the University of Windsor's internationally recognized expertise," University President Alan Wildeman said in a statement. "It was a privilege to be able to sign them during the official visit to China by Prime Minister Trudeau."

The first of the agreements, with Yunnan University, creates a new shared research lab studying water quality issues in Yunnan's Plateau Lakes.

The deal further strengthens collaborations that began several years ago and that have been spearheaded by the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Windsor, according to a news release issued by the school.

The second agreement was signed with the Sichuan Bohong Group, which could pave the way for a joint research program in automotive engineering and developing management training programs at the University of Windsor.