Union disclosure bill should be 'killed,' says labour council

Despite amendments, the president of the Windsor And District Labour Council still calls Bill C-377 unconstitutional.

Bill C-377 would force unions to disclose how union dues are spent

The Senate has sent a bill that would force unions to publicly disclose salaries and spending back to the House of Commons.

An amendment by Conservative Senator Hugh Segal was passed Wednesday and significantly changes the bill.

That still doesn't make the bill acceptable to the president of the Windsor And District Labour Council.

Dino Chiodo is disappointed the Senate didn't completely kill the bill.

"It's a bill we believe that is unconstitutional. Why are unions being treated differently?" Chiodo said. "This is just a government trying to attack an organization that has the ability to stands up and speak out against things they do."

The bill would amend the Income Tax Act and force unions to disclose to the Canada Revenue Agency how union dues are spent.

Some senators also argue bill C-377 is unconstitutional and infringes on provincial jurisdiction.

"I think what they should be doing is looking at the scandals the Conservatives are going through right now," Chiodo said of the Senates spending and travel expenses currently being investigated.