U Windsor student finds, finishes Beach Boys song

A music student at the University of Windsor found an unfinished Beach Boys song online — so he completed it.

He got a 97 on the assignment for school

Allesandro Rotondi found an unfinished Beach Boys song online — so he finished it. (Submitted by Allesandro Rotondi)

A music student at the University of Windsor found an unfinished Beach Boys song online — so he completed it.

"All it really was was [Brian Wilson] playing about a minute into a tape recorder, not very good quality, and that's all that exists of this tune," said Allesandro Rotondi, a third-year student. 

"He had a verse and chorus," said Rotondi, who used a synthesizer to fill in instruments he didn't have access to. In classic Beach Boys style, Rotondi layered track after track to create the full piece.

"I did all the vocal parts myself," said Rotondi. The vocals alone added up to about 8 layers. 

Originally, the project began as something for school. Rotondi even wrote a research paper as part of his class project — which he got a 97 on. 

Allesandro Rotondi, a third-year music student, is a big fan of the Beach Boys. (Provided by Alessandro Rotondi)

Rotondi was so proud of the finished work he reached out to the Beach Boys themselves.

"When I finished the tune I basically sent an email to some folks in the inner circle and ended up hearing back from one of the original Beach Boys." said Rotondi. 

He was invited backstage when the band came to Caesars Windsor, and was given the chance to watch rehearsal — and hand over a recording of the finished song to band members.

Now Rotondi is working on his own album with a Beach Boys flavour. He said harmonies and layering will play a strong role in the music. 

Listen to the finished song, called 'I'm Begging You Please':

With files from Windsor Morning


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