Snow plow hit in Chatham-Kent, transport truck driver charged

A transport truck driver has been charged after striking a snow plow in Chatham-Kent. The transport truck driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Transport truck driver was taken to hospital

A transport truck driver is facing charges after hitting a snow plow in Chatham Kent. (OPP/Twitter)

A transport truck driver has been charged with careless driving after striking a snowplow in Chatham-Kent.

The crash occurred near Kent Bridge Road. Both drivers were injured, but are expected to survive.

"The snow plow was going westbound on Highway 401 when a tractor trailer going in the same direction actually collided into the back of the snow plow, causing the snow plow to roll onto its side," said Const. Jay Denorer. "The tractor trailer driver was transported to an area hospital and he's going to be facing charges under the Highway Traffic Act."

A 62-year-old Chatham man has been charged.

Denorer warned drivers to keep an eye out for the bright, blue lights on snow plows and to slow down in the snow.

"The 10 minutes it's gonna take you to go a little slower is still going to get you there a lot faster than if you go in the ditch." 

'Close call' for OPP officer

In another snow-related incident, Essex County OPP said an officer had a "close call" when an empty car hauler narrowly missed a cruiser parked along Highway 401 near Puce Road.

Police are continuing to investigate, but said charges are pending.