Man charged in stolen Tragically Hip records for auction, bank robbery

Police say they found the person responsible for thefts at a Chatham Food Basics when they were investigating a robbery at a Dresden bank.

Chatham-Kent police found the suspect connected to two thefts at a Food Basics

Police found the suspect in grocery store theft while investigating a bank robbery. (Courtesy of Chatham-Kent Police Service)

Chatham-Kent police have arrested a 29-year-old man in connection with two thefts at a Food Basics, where a framed Tragically Hip record was stolen not once, but twice.

Police located the suspect through investigating a separate case — a bank robbery in Dresden in late February.

A man had entered the bank and demanded money from the teller. He was given money and no one was injured.

Last week, police identified the man in that robbery, and also found he was a suspect identified in the earlier thefts of those framed records.  

The framed records had been recovered and returned to Food Basics, where they were being auctioned for charity.

The man is facing a number of charges and is currently in police custody.