Thief stole man's prosthetic leg as he slept nearby

On Sunday night, a prosthetic leg and prescriptions drugs were reported stolen from an apartment building in the 2400 block of Tecumseh Road West.

'He took my life away doing that,' says Randy Curtis, who lost his leg almost 40 years ago

A Windsor man had his prosthetic leg is stolen in a break-in. 2:22

A Windsor, Ont., man has now lost his left leg twice.

Randy Curtis severed his leg in a motorcycle accident when he was 18. Sunday night, a thief stole his prosthetic leg from his bedside while he slept.

"My wife happened to wake up. She saw something moving around the house. She said ‘somebody’s in the house,'" Curtis said. "I got up to put my leg on and my leg wasn’t there.

"He was out the [bedroom] door and going down the hall when I was crawling down the hall to see who it was."

Curtis and police said the man stole the artificial leg, prescription painkillers and the amputee's wallet.

Curtis said he sometimes doesn't take the leg out of his pants at night. That was the case Sunday.

"Instead of making noise going through my pockets, he probably figured it was easier to take it all at once," Curtis said. Windsor police are investigating the break-in.

Curtis said he ignored a knock at his front door at 9 p.m. but had left his patio door unlocked. That's where he figures the thief entered.

"I didn’t have a board in the door. That’s the only mistake I made," he said.

The stolen leg is valued at about $5,000, but it's worth a lot more than that to Curtis.

"He took my life away doing that," Curtis said.

He has an older leg he uses when he showers. However, it doesn't stay on when he walks. It fell off multiple times while he walked to the pharmacy to replace his medications.

"If anybody finds it, I’d appreciate getting it back," Curtis said.

Police describe the suspect as black, aged 20-30 and wearing a dark blue jacket.