The Bishop Boys pay tribute to Pelee Island

Windsor duo The Bishop Boys reveal the inspiration behind their summery new single, 'Looking Through.'

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Austin DiPietro and Andrew Adoranti lead the Windsor pop project, The Bishop Boys. (Submitted by The Bishop Boys )

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We're still months away from summer, but that's not stopping The Bishop Boys from releasing what is likely the first summer single of 2020.

The Windsor duo — which can sometimes swell to a band of eight members — released the Pelee Island EP earlier this month. It's a 4-song collection of sun-filled pop recorded over two nights last October in the southernmost populated place in Canada.

The Bishop Boys' founders Austin DiPietro and Andrew Adoranti explained how the EP came about.

How did you end up making a record inspired by Pelee Island?

Austin DiPietro: It's really a dedication to the island. We played there at the Island Unplugged Music Festival back in 2018. Since then, we've been back to the island quite a few times, and we've just fallen more and more in love with it every time. That inspired us to go back to the island this past year with the full band. We sat down for a couple of days and recorded all four songs on the album.

People who go to the island know immediately what we're getting at with this EP. It's that carefree summer vibe, where you just you get off the boat and you're in a different universe. You just know it feels like summer whenever you step off that boat. And that's what we're trying to encapsulate with this album.

Andrew Adoranti: The nice thing about it is it's relatively close to Windsor, but it feels so far away at the same time. It's so isolated from everything that you're forced to experience nature and each other, as opposed to being connected to devices and worried about work and school and stuff.

Tell us a bit more about the lead single, 'Looking Through.'

DiPietro: On 'Looking Through,' we just tried to capture that that summer atmosphere with this song with the musical aspects of it. I guess it's not specifically about Pelee Island, but it's heavily inspired it.

Adoranti: I think the video is really meant to capture the spirit of the island — like, hanging out with friends and having a good time. And we've gotten some good feedback from actual Pelee Islanders that have said it really captures what the island is like in the summertime. 

This interview was edited and condensed. Have a listen to 'Looking Through' as part of The Bishop Boys' SW Sounds profile, and check out its video below.



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