Strong wind causing flooding in Leamington

Existing high water levels in Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, mixed with strong winds in the forecast for the next few days led to the advisory.

Heavy winds until Wednesday — high water levels in Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair

Wind gusts could reach 60 km/hr. People are urged to keep children and pets away from shoreline areas until the advisory ends on Wednesday at 12 p.m. (Yorgos Karahalis/Associated Press)

A combination of strong winds and high water levels are causing flooding in Leamington between Wheatley Harbour and Point Pelee National Park, according to the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA).

In a warning issued Tuesday afternoon, ERCA said wind gusts as high as 60 km/hr are possible. 

"Flooding is presently occurring within the Cotterie Park Road area," wrote watershed management director, Tim Byrne.

Communities along portions of Lake Erie could be affected by flooding, shoreline erosion and damaging waves. Areas that could be most affected include parts of Pelee Island, Leamington (between Wheatley Harbour and the tip of Point Pelee).

Byrne said the municipality should monitor flood control dykes in southeast Leamington. He also warned residents to keep children and pets away from shoreline areas during this time. 

The advisory will remain in effect until Wednesday at 12 p.m.