Mother pleads for return of stolen photos showing daughter who died of cancer

Photos of woman who died this past summer are all that's left of family photos from a trip to New Zealand years ago. The actual album was destroyed by a flood.

Photos all that's left of family trip after album destroyed by flood

Brenda Roberts, right, is asking whoever stole a jump drive with pictures of her daughter Kyra who died of cancer this past summer to return it to the family. (Brenda Roberts)

Brenda Roberts is begging whoever broke into her van and stole a jump drive with photos of her daughter to please bring it back.

The Windsor woman walked out to her vehicle Wednesday morning and found it ransacked.

"My glove box was completely emptied and thrown all over the front seat of the van, my middle console had been gone," she said.

Loss like a sucker punch

As Roberts sorted through the mess she realized a jump drive containing photos of her daughter Kyra who died this past summer of ovarian cancer was missing.

"It was like a sucker punch to the stomach," she said. "My heart fell."

The pictures are especially precious because they're all that's left of a holiday album which was destroyed.

"I can't get them back because our basement flooded a couple years ago and those photos were lost," Roberts explained.

 "If you can find it in your heart please bring it back."- Brenda Roberts

A search of the vehicle and surrounding area didn't reveal the USB stick, so she reached out to police to report the theft.

Now the family is waiting to see if the person who broke into the vehicle will bring her pictures back.

"You've got to believe in humanity so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed," said Roberts, adding she has a message for whoever took them.

 "If you can find it in your heart please bring it back. We don't want to know who it is, you can drop it off anonymously … we just want it back."