Private cannabis retailer looks to open up shop in Windsor

A marijuana chain is looking to open up shop in the City of Windsor. It's one of two locations planned in the province.

'Starbuds' is opening two locations in Ontario, should privatized sales be allowed

A private marijuana retailer is opening a store in Windsor. It's one of two planned locations in Ontario, should private licenses pass by the provincial government. (David Horemans/CBC)

A marijuana chain is looking to open up shop in the City of Windsor.

Starbuds Canada say it's secured two retail locations in the province, as it looks to set up recreational pot shops in Ontario. 

The decision to expand in the region comes after it was reported the Ontario government will allow private stores to sell marijuana, once recreational cannabis becomes legal on Oct. 17.

"Our goal is to make this a higher-end shopping experience, and something that targets different demographics than maybe the expectation would be, so your soccer moms, your professionals, people of that nature," said Dave Martyn, president of Starbuds.

The company was founded in the U.S. in 2013, and became one of the first to receive licensing in Colorado when marijuana became legal. Starbuds has shops all over the state, and eventually expanded in Canada. 

Dave Martyn, president of Starbuds Canada, is looking to open a recreational pot shop in Windsor. (Starbuds Canada)

The Kelowna, B.C.-based arm of the company is looking to set up 35 shops in B.C. and Alberta — with two slated for Ontario. 

It's unclear where exactly the location will be, but Martyn said there are lots of things to consider. 

"We have local partners that run the business and in terms of what we offer it's things like compliance safety, security training, according to how private retail licenses have been handed out in western Canada," said Martyn. 

He said his company is looking for a plaza-space that's away from schools, churches, alcohol retailers or "away from anything that could be considered attractive to youth or what is perceived as vulnerable citizens."

Here more from Martyn on CBC Radio's Windsor Morning:

Starbuds will also be limited in what it can sell. Martyn said right now they're dealing with marijuana flowers, oil, and pre-rolled joints, pending provincial approval. 

Martyn said the store will not likely get the necessary approvals in time for legalization in October. He's targeting next January as a realistic opening date.