Self-isolating? This Windsorite wants you to dance it out

After her friend's dance party got cancelled, Windsor resident Bronwen Wood decided to launch a virtual one.

Bronwen Wood says dancing is one way to keep busy and stay active

After her friend's dance party got cancelled, Bronwen Wood, a Windsor resident, decided to launch a virtual one. 0:54

After her friend's dance party got cancelled due to COVID-19, Windsor resident Bronwen Wood decided to launch a virtual one instead.

"Why not start a social distance dance party online to try to cut through all the negativity, all the fear, all the panic and just have a little fun, while we're stuck at home?" she said.

Wood, who is self-isolating at home, shared a video of her dancing online with the hashtag #SocialDistanceDanceParty and is encouraging others to do the same.

"I kind of just wanted this ... hashtag to catch on so that, even someone who's just curious on the internet can find out how we, here in Windsor-Essex, are trying to connect positively and trying to keep ourselves busy and ... stress-free," she said.

"Dancing is the perfect way to do that, because it's a tribute to music and it's a tribute to the positivity that we can spread."

Wood hopes her initiative will inspire others to get creative in their own way.

"Maybe it's like a social distance craft hour or maybe a social distance sing-a-long or something that we can do to spread art and community and music throughout the internet and keep each other connected as best that we can," she said.  

So far, only her family and friends have joined in, but she says anyone is welcome to this virtual party.

"This is just a brief moment that we can take out of our day and not take ourselves too seriously, to not take life too seriously," Wood said. "Be goofy. Be happy. Get your body moving."


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