Sexual assault charges filed against Windsor hypnotist: police

Windsor police say two women in their 50s were sexually assaulted by a 57-year-old man who met the suspect because of his job as a local hypnotist and musician.

James Graham has been charged with a total of 15 counts of sexual assault

Windsor Police Service (Chris Ensing/CBC)

A local hypnotist has been charged with more than 10 counts of sexual assault, according to Windsor police.

Police launched an investigation in March which resulted in a 57-year-old male being charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of assault against an adult female in her 50s.

A further investigation was launched after police were made aware of a second possible victim who was also in her 50s and reported numerous complaints of sexual assault.

The suspect was arrested again Wednesday and charged with 11 additional counts of sexual assault, two counts of uttering a threat and one count of assault.

Both victims knew the accused, 57-year-old James Graham, prior to the respective assaults. Police said they knew him due to his occupations as a local hypnotist and musician.

Officers with the Major Crimes Branch believe that the potential for further victims may exist.