Sex shows streamed from Windsor libraries probed by police

Sex shows streamed live online from two branches of the Windsor Public Library are being investigated by police.

WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions.

A woman going by the screen name lilsecrett performed at least 50 sex shows live online from branches of the Windsor Public Library. (Screen Grab)

Sex shows streamed live online from two branches of the Windsor Public Library are being investigated by police.

CBC News discovered more than 50 graphic sex shows were streamed from the Riverside and Fontainebleau branches in east Windsor between November of last year and the end of January. The information was reported this morning.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Matt D'Asti said investigators are asking for the public's help and for anyone who saw anything to come forward.

D'Asti said someone needs to file a formal complaint before a criminal charge can be laid. He said even then, police need to demonstrate the woman performing the sex acts had the "intent to insult or offend any person."

The woman, who used the screen name "lilsecrett," streamed video of herself flashing her breasts, masturbating and using sex toys in front of a webcam for an online audience while using computers at the Riverside and Fontainebleau branches of the library.

Library investigating

The incidents are also being investigated by library officials.

"Clearly, it's very, very disturbing," Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens said Tuesday morning. "We don't tolerate nor do we condone people exposing themselves or showing nude photos of themselves in any … in a public library.

"It's not something we tolerate as a city. It's not something as a parent I want to happen to my family or my kids."

Clearly, it's very, very disturbing.- Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

All the videos remain archived and for sale online. In some, the woman interacts with unsuspecting library users, including children, in a non-sexual nature and then continues her shows when they leave.

"We're working to make sure all those videos are removed and that that behaviour is stopped," Dilkens said.

The mayor wants an investigation to determine how the woman could perform such acts without being noticed and how she was able to stream video through the porn site,

"I think we need the benefit of the full investigation to make sure we understand exactly what this person was able to do and if, in fact, they were able to use our resources to do these types of things and exhibit this type of behaviour," Dilkens said.

"Then we'll make sure we take the appropriate steps to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Why wasn't woman detected?

Coun. Jo-Anne Gignac, a library board member, called the videos very disturbing. She said she's not sure how a woman could go undetected and access a porn site in a branch of the Windsor Public Library.

She said library staff is vigilant and tries to ensure the library's internet security is up to date.

"As I have come to understand, every time you build a firewall within these electronics there's going to be someone who explores how to get around it," she said. "Believe me, there are hackers, there are people who spend a great portion of their day to work around security."

Gignac also said there are security personnel at all branches and employees continually circulate throughout branches.  She said the board will review whether additional security measures are needed.

"The library board will be getting a fulsome report from the CEO at the next meeting," Gignac said. "We will be brought up to date. Until that happens, I can't comment."

There will be no March board meeting. An annual general meeting and regular board meeting are scheduled for April 21.


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