Sarnia teen has two university degrees and he's not even 15

Your average 14-year-old would be in Grade 9. But Kelton Kostis is not your average teenager. At the age of 9, Kostis enrolled at university. The Sarnia native has yet to turn 15, but he has two university degrees — a bachelor's and master's.

Kelton Kostis enrolled at university at age 9

(submitted by Marla Kostis)

Your average 14-year-old would be in Grade 9 — but Kelton Kostis is not your average teenager.

At the age of 9, Kostis enrolled at university. And now, before reaching his 15th birthday, the Sarnia native has two university degrees: a bachelor's degree in web technology and a master's in information systems management. Both degrees are from Bellevue University in Nebraska.

Kostis gets a big reaction when people learn about his academic achievements.

"They are very surprised and excited obviously," said Kostis. "Many people can't believe it. But it's a huge source of excitement for many people when they hear about it and they see me and they don't realize that I have two degrees and they're told and they're stunned."

Kostis is currently taking time off from studying. He said he likes to do what most kids do, like sports and swimming. He's also looking for a job.

When he grows up

While Kostis isn't an adult yet, he's looking for a grown-up job.

"I'm considering government work and joining a company related to cyber security or information technologies," said Kostis. "Something related to one of those two fields is what I'm interested in doing."

Kostis says his age adds an additional challenge to his job search. He'd prefer online work because it would be more convenient, but says opportunities there are limited.

Graduation day

Convocation is two weeks away and Kostis plans to attend.

He received his undergraduate degree at age 12. The ceremony for that degree was the first time he stepped foot on campus. Kostis says his fellow graduatess watched him in "utter amazement."

"I think people were just not expecting it at all. I was going through the line up, going on to the stage at the graduation ceremony and people were looking at me, taking pictures of me ... I think there was a lot of reactions that were just amazement," said Kostis.

Kostis says he's not done with school just yet. In the future, he may try for another master's degree or doctorate. 


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