Sameer Chhabra

Web Writer

Sameer Chhabra is a web writer with CBC Windsor. He's previously worked with CBC's Spark, Day 6 and Cross Country Checkup radio shows, as well as with CBC Toronto local radio.

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'Do it the proper ways': Windsor Overdose Prevention Society submits non-profit status application

The Windsor Overdose Prevention Society's non-profit status filing comes one day after the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit revealed details about a public survey to do with the establishment of supervised injection sites in the city.

Law community reflects on Indigenous leader Susie Jones

Though Susie Jones wasn't a lawyer herself, she was an active participant in Windsor's legal community, advocating for Indigenous justice.

Windsor-Essex wineries welcome warm summer to recover from cold winter, wet spring

An exceptionally cold winter and an especially wet spring mean Essex Pelee Island Coast wineries are relying on hot, summer weather to cultivate healthy wine crops.

Windsor mayor forgets to lock car, posts video of alleged thief rummaging through his vehicle

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens circulated security camera footage Wednesday, showing a man allegedly stealing items from one of the mayor's cars.

'It's going to be out of this world': WSO gears up for summer concert series

Windsor Symphony Orchestra's assistant conductor Daniel Wiley says that an outdoor setting and a smaller ensemble distinguish the WSO's summer concert series from more traditional orchestra experiences.

Pursuing the MD dream: How Caribbean-trained Canadian doctors struggle to come home

For Canadians wanting to be doctors who left home to chase their dreams, studying abroad offers a second chance but often means not getting to come home.

Hyperloop technology will revolutionize transportation, but it has to get off the ground first

A hyperloop is a vacuum-sealed tube that would theoretically allow pods of humans to travel at speeds close to the speed of sound. It might sound like science fiction, but it's closer to reality than you might think.

Elon Musk speaks about Hyperloop, Mars mission

Elon Musk announced Thursday afternoon that he'd received verbal approval for a Hyperloop from New York City to Washington, D.C. A day earlier, Musk revealed that he hasn't given up on his Mars dreams but that his Falcon Heavy and Crew Dragon plans have met some unforeseen obstacles.

Medicinal and recreational cannabis should be separate, say researchers

Two Halifax researchers are urging the federal government to keep medicinal and recreational marijuana streams separate once the plant is legalized in Canada.

The electric vehicle revolution is coming, but is the infrastructure in place to maintain it?

Companies like Tesla, BMW, and Volvo are all helping change the consumer vehicle industry, but with most consumers still worried about range anxiety, and with charging station infrastructure still a problem across the country, the revolution might just need an oil change.