Windsorite launches Facebook group matching health-care workers with RVs to stay in

A Facebook group created by Ashley Oriet in Windsor is helping frontline health-care workers find a place to stay, away from their families to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Founder Ashley Oriet said 25 vehicles have been loaned out already

Tyler Wallce, a registered nurse from Amherstburg, was just loaned an RV from a woman named Angie. (Submitted by Ashley Oriet)

A Facebook group created in Windsor is helping frontline health-care workers find a place to stay, away from their families to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19.

It's called "RV's for Canada's Frontline" and the idea is to have RV owners lend their trailers and motor homes to health-care workers who want to steer clear of their loved ones out of concern for possibly infecting them.

Ashley Oriet set up the Facebook group after noticing similar ideas had started in the U.S..

"I feel like most people that are home not working right now kind of feel like they wish that there was more that they could do, and I saw that there was need in the community for something to be able to connect everyone, so I went right to it," she said. 

The group started up several days ago and has already reached more than 900 members, and matched 25 RVs to essential workers, including Hilary Ryall, a nurse in Windsor.

Within a day, she found someone who agreed to lend their RV to her indefinitely.

"It's very heartwarming to know that a complete stranger is just so willing to lend our their property to myself who's also a complete stranger to them," said Ryall. 

Ashley Oriet said she started the Facebook group after seeing similar groups in the U.S. (CBC)

Ryall said it's taken a huge stress off herself knowing she can self-isolate with ease, in an RV offered to her for free, courtesy of Chad Robinson.

"It's a really scary time in the world right now, and my camper's just in storage, and I'm really grateful I can help out," said Robinson. "I'm hoping that other people can step up and help these people that are saving lives."

"We've made over 25 matches nationally where people are just nice enough to lend their campers out to people in their community, and a lot of friendships have developed that way as well, so it's been really heartwarming to see," said Oriet. 

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