Sandwich roundabout will open to traffic Saturday

Roundabout project, which was delayed for three months, is set to open.

Workers were busy Friday afternoon on the final touches

The roundabout on Sandwich Street is set to open Saturday (Dale Molnar/CBC)

There's good news for motorists travelling to and from Sandwich Towne. The roundabout linking Riverside Drive, Sandwich Street, University Avenue and Rosedale Avenue will finally open to traffic Saturday at 5 p.m.

The project was supposed to be completed in September, but the discovery of archeological artifacts delayed its opening by three months.

NIck Papadatos, the owner of Nicks Auto Clinic near the roundabout, said he will be happy to see the roadway open again, even through the construction project hasn't hurt his business.

"It's been a great six months business-wise The clientele really comes through," said Papadatos, adding he believes the roundabout will be safer.

The roundabout at Sandwich Street and University Avenue will eventually feature a statue of General Sir Isaac Brock and Chief Tecumseh. (City of Windsor Heritage Committee)

"We know that a great deal of effort went into designing this project," he explained. "I've seen a lot of accidents, a lot of ugly carnage over the years and this will definitely make that go away."

The plinth which will eventually hold statues of General Isaac Brock and Chief Tecumseh is in place. However, the artworks won't be erected until sometime next spring or summer.

Dale Molnar