Red Bull cancels air races worldwide

Red Bull says it is cancelling its 2011 season, including its only Canadian stop, in order to improve safety for the high-speed air races.

Red Bull Air Race has announced that it is cancelling its races worldwide for 2011, including the only Canadian stop.

The organization said Thursday on its website that it will use the time to fast-track technology to improve safety during the races, which involve high-speed flight manoeuvres through an obstacle course of large inflated pylons.

Windsor, Ont., was due to host the race in 2011, after holding successful events in both 2009 and 2010.

The small single-seater planes reach maximum speeds of close to 400 kilometres per hour, subjecting pilots to severe G-forces.

In April, a pilot from Brazil hit the water in Perth, Australia, but escaped with only minor injuries.

Extreme G-forces in the turns can make a pilot feel 10 times heavier than normal.