Windsor royal watcher glad to see Queen Elizabeth keeping up her duties on her 90th birthday

A royal watcher from Windsor, Ont., says he cannot see the now 90-year-old Queen Elizabeth stepping down from her role.

'When she made a vow ... it was a vow to wear the crown permanently,' Chris Lucki says

Queen Elizabeth, seen depicted in the portrait above, turned 90 on Thursday. (Alastair Grant/Associated Press)

Chris Lucki still remembers the day Queen Elizabeth visited Windsor, Ont., when he was a boy.

The year was 1984 and the kids at his school lined the street to wave when the Queen was passing by in a car.

"At that age, I knew something profound and important was happening and it stuck with me," said Lucki, when recalling the event on CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive.

The Queen turned 90 on Thursday, an occasion that was marked by special festivities in England that included fireworks, gun salutes and even speeches in Parliament.

On the Queen's birthday, Lucki, who is the southwestern Ontario representative for the Monarchist League of Canada, said he wished her many years of good health and happiness.

Asked whether he feels the Queen, now in her tenth decade, is getting to a point where she might consider stepping down, Lucki said he did not think that is something she would do.

"When she made a vow at her coronation, it was a vow to wear the crown permanently," he said.

But he said the public can see signs that she is passing some tasks to the next generation of royals who will take on her role on day.

He said that's a process that has happened in the past and one that will continue as the Queen continues her reign.

"As she ages, I'm sure that Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, the younger royals, will take on even more duties from her," he said.

With files from the CBC's Bob Steele, CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive and The Associated Press