Province adds 2 beds, annual funds for Hospice of Windsor and Essex County

The province is partnering with Hospice of Windsor and Essex County to provide two more beds to the facility, and additional annual funding for the facility.

Beds will provide end of life care to 40 more patients per year

Hospice of Windsor and Essex County.

The Ontario government announced Monday it has partnered with the Hospice of Windsor and Essex County to fund two new beds and additional annual funding for the facility. 

Hospice currently has eight beds available for patients in the region who need palliative or end of life care. The two additional beds will serve about 40 patients per year.

John Fraser, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health was at the Hospice in Windsor on Monday to make the announcement. 

"Facilities with hospice care are special places that provide compassionate care to patients and families are at a very difficult time," he said in a media release.

Funding from the province, along with community donations will also go toward renovating the dining room, kitchen, and sunroom which is used by patients and their families at the facility. 

The province said that it will provide $400,000 to help fund the costs of renovations. Once construction is completed, Ontario will also be providing $210,000 in annual operating funding. 

The move by the province is delivering on the 2016 commitment to support up to 20 new hospices across Ontario within three years.