Tecumseh postal workers bracing for more restructuring, possible job cuts

In spite of record growth, staff numbers have reduced by 55 per cent since 2010, according to the Windsor Local of the Canadian Union Postal Workers.

Staff numbers at Canada Post's Tecumseh depot have reduced by 55 per cent since 2010

There is a possibility of strike action or a lockout after more staff restructuring at Canada Post's Tecumseh depot. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

There's concern about more job cuts for Tecumseh's postal workers. But if you ask Canada Post, workers have nothing to worry about.

In spite of record growth, staff numbers have reduced by 55 per cent since 2010, according to the Windsor Local of the Canadian Union Postal Workers.

And now, they are bracing for another possible restructuring later this month.

Unsure why they've been hit

The Local wonders why the Tecumseh depot has been hit hard with so many cuts.

"We don't know whether it's because of the size of the depot or part of some kind of social experiment by Canada Post, but it undermines the municipality and takes a severe toll on the workers, union president Phil Lyons said.

The Windsor Local is asking Tecumseh residents to voice their concerns of the depot's 'erosion' to the town's elected representatives. (CBC)

Lyons said job cuts will result in the remaining 13 letter carriers being forced to work a lot of over time. In some cases, they're working 12 or 13-hour shifts.

"Fatigue really becomes a concern to us that the injury rates are going to go through the roof or somebody is going to seriously get hurt or the possibility of being robbed."

He added the membership can only take so much.

"Employees are struggling to maintain work-life balance and have made sacrifices and lifestyle changes to cope with the overburdening."

The union in currently in the midst of contract negotiations and has asked for a conciliator. Strike action or a lockout is possible in September.

Response from Canada Post

According to Canada Post, restructuring occurs on a regular basis at depots across the country to ensure "proper resources [are] in place to deliver to Canadians."

"In Tecumseh, a lot of what we are doing is to alleviate concerns raised by employees and the local union regarding routes, overtime, etc.," said spokesperson Sylvie Lapointe.

The Tecumseh depot restructuring will not include any job cuts, according to Canada Post. In fact, spokesperson Sylvie Lapointe said the branch will see added positions. (Matthew Kupfer/CBC)

"The restructure in Tecumseh will begin on July 16. We will be moving to two waves, which means start times will change to improve the local operations and reduce congestion within the facility, especially at the loading dock."

Lapointe added there will not be staff reductions.

"In fact, we will be adding two part-time positions at the facility -- a part-time letter carrier and part-time clerk. That's in addition to a part-time letter carrier assistant that was added last fall. Any reductions in positions would have occurred prior to 2015 due to motorization and other changes."