Peter Duck

Peter Duck is the voice of CBC Windsor's morning radio news. He originated in Morpeth (in Chatham-Kent), and made his way back "home" to Windsor, by way of Toronto, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg.

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Windsor might get more sidewalks — but people are divided over the idea

Later this summer city council will consider a new active transportation master plan. It recommends sidewalks be added to streets that were built without them, "within a set number of years."

Pedestrian, cycling path approved for south Windsor neighbourhood

City council agreed Monday to add a link to make it easier for people in the Rockport neighbourhood to get to bus stops, and future bike lanes on the 6th Concession. 

Fluoride debate continues in Tecumseh, LaSalle

Windsor city council voted 8-3 in favour of the reintroduction of fluoride. Now either Tecumseh or LaSalle must also agree to the change as they share the water supply.

Fewer vouchers available for fixing cats in Windsor this year

With the budget for the City of Windsor's cat sterlization voucher program cut to $30,000 this year, only 400 of the coupons will be available.

Windsor woman rejects 'African-American' label

A black woman says people in Windsor should rethink the term they use to refer to people such as herself. Linda McCurdy's ancestors escaped from slavery in the United States and arrived in Amherstburg 185 years ago.

Deer damaging parks on west side of Windsor

A naturalist with the City of Windsor says deer are damaging parks, and the city is contemplating how to handle the problem. Karen Cedar says the city is still gathering information to determine how many deer can be sustained in the natural areas on the west side of Windsor.

Windsor councillor worries about fallout of split votes

The longest-serving member of Windsor city council sees a problem developing among the current personnel of elected officials. Bill Marra says a "consistent six to four divide on certain votes" could create "an unhealthy work environment."

How CBC News graded Windsor city council

We collected as much information as we could, poring over the minutes of council and committee meetings, accessing publicly-available reports from the city, and analyzing all the news coverage over the past two years.
Special Report

CBC grades Windsor city council in mid-term report cards

Windsor's economy has improved dramatically since the last municipal election, exactly two years ago. That's a major theme in the mid-term report cards CBC News presents today.

City vs. County: Lakeshore exploring potential for bus service

As the potential for regional transit picks in Windsor-Essex, Lakeshore is set to look at launching its own bus service.

City versus County: Leamington 'looks after itself' on economic development, tourism

The mayor of Leamington says his town is seeing "great success" when it comes to job creation, thanks to hiring its own economic development officer.

City vs. County: Regional transit could be back on the table

Five years after Essex County council slammed the brakes on talk of a regional transit system, there are signs the unofficial moratorium on the topic is ending.

City vs. County: The rising cost of ambulance service

The annual budget of Essex-Windsor EMS has more than doubled since it was first formed in 2001.

City vs. County: Tensions still high between Windsor, Essex

Despite being neighbours, longstanding issues continue in the relationship between policy-makers in Windsor and Essex County.

Strike averted at Windsor Utilities Commission, as tentative deal reached

There will be no strike at the Windsor Utilities Commission.