Peche Island pontoon is here — and City will soon offer trips for a fee

It will soon be a lot easier to explore Peche Island. Located in the Detroit River, the island is a City of Windsor park that many have never visited. Starting at the end of May, the City will run a ferry service three days a week — for a fee.

The boat was approved in the 2018 enhanced capital budget

This is what it was like to get to Peche Island back in 1968. 0:45

It will soon be a lot easier to visit Peche Island now that the pontoon ordered by City staff has arrived.

Starting at the end of May, the City will run a ferry service three days a week for a fee that is still to be determined.

The City of Windsor's new pontoon to ferry passengers to and from Peche Island has arrived. It will offer trips starting at the end of May 2018. (Arms Bumanlag/CBC)

Peche Island is a City of Windsor park that many have not visited due to its location in the Detroit River. It's only accessible by private boat most of the time.

"We know there's a great interest, because we partner with other organizations such as Detroit River Canadian Cleanup group that goes over once a year on Peche Island Day, and we're just packed with hundreds of people who want to see the island," said Jan Wilson, the City's corporate leader for parks, recreation, culture and facilities.

One nearby resident tells CBC Windsor they're excited for the possibilities.

"I think it's fantastic that the people of Windsor are going to have an opportunity to visit the city park, which it is [owned by the city]," said Robert Stopford.

He adds it's a short ride and not too bumpy.

Wilson said the boat will start by taking over small groups — six at a time — three days a week, on the hour. Anyone interested will need to book a spot.

"We can take over several people during the course of the day and bring them back, of course," said Wilson. "It will give them just a little time to explore the island to see what we have as just another gem in our parks system."

She also said there will be a staff person on the island during the times the ferry operates and the City will post more signage.


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