Paul Martin featured as kid crime fighter in new book

A new book featuring former prime minister Paul Martin as a 12-year-old crime-fighting detective hits the shelves Thursday.

Showdown at Border Town: An Early Adventure of Paul Martin has 12-year-old Martin save the day

A new book about former prime minister Paul Martin hits the shelves Thursday. But it’s not what history and political buffs might expect to read about one Canada’s most well known politicians.

Showdown at Border Town: An Early Adventure of Paul Martin depicts the Windsor, Ont., native as a 12-year-old crime-fighting detective.

The story, written by 17-year-old Caroline Woodward, takes place in Windsor and the neighbouring rural community of Colchester in 1950.

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin risks a deadly showdown for the truth in a new historical fiction book about him.

Martin is forced into action when his friend vanishes without a trace. According to an online video trailer for the book, the plot thickens with a ruthless neighbour with money to burn and a police inspector with a haunted past

"Paul Martin risks a deadly showdown for the truth," the promotion teases.

Woodward said the story is based on an investigation from 1950. She said it involves the sale of illegal alcohol, fishing and a missing person.

"Paul Martin comes in and saves the day," she said.

The book targets readers between the ages of 10 and 14.

Martin read the book three weeks ago and was impressed. He called it "quite nostalgic."

"The way Caroline set it up is very good; walking around Windsor with my father [Paul Martin Sr.], going to riding events with my father. It’s all very, very real," Martin said.

Martin said several characters are friends, cousins - even his sister. And the plot includes fishing boats, on which he used to work when he was a 14-year-old.

"All the research she did showed tremendous initiative," Martin said.

The book is the third in Fireside Publishing House’s Leaders and Legacies historical fiction series. The first two books feature John Diefenbaker and Sir John A. Macdonald.

Martin and Woodward will meet for the first time at a book launch in Ottawa on Thursday.

"Politics has its ups and downs and this is certainly one of the ups," Martin said.