Port authority parkette in Sandwich officially named

A new parkette at foot of Mill street is named and officially opened.

The parkette has benches, grass, a fish habitat and native species garden

New parkette on port authority land named Queen's Dock Tuesday. (Dale Molnar CBC News)

The area at the foot of Mill Street in Windsor has been known as the Queen's Dock for over a century, so when it came time to name the new parkette there, City Councillor John Elliott knew that Queen's Dock was the only choice that made sense.

The parkette, which sits on land owned by the Windsor Port Authority, was the brainchild of Elliott, the director of the Sandwich Teen Action Group (STAG).

He started the project four years ago with help from a government grant and STAG students.

Twenty-two organizations and companies donated money and in-kind support to the tune of $500,000 to put in a sidewalk, benches, grass, a fish habitat and native species garden to create a green space on the land that stretches to the Detroit River.

"Our first thought is that we should name some local dignitary," said port authority president and CEO David Cree, just before he and Elliott unveiled the sign bearing the parkette's name Tuesday.

"I think personally it's probably going to be the best spot in the city to go sit and watch bridge construction in the next few years." 

"It's a free public space. It's a beautiful waterfront view," said Elliott, adding it's another piece in the puzzle to revitalize Olde Sandwich Towne.

The City of Windsor helped enhance the project by paving Mill Street from Russell Street north to the parkette.

It also installed two new light poles to provide more security at night.