Paczki beer coming to Windsor through Craft Heads, Blak's Bakery collab

A local brewery is combining Paczki donuts with beer to create a "match made in heaven." 

'We pride ourselves on being adventurous,' says brewery co-owner

Paczki are Polish doughnuts shaped into spheres and often filled with things like jams, marmalades, and other sweet fillings. The photo was taken in 2020. (Katerina Georgieva/CBC)

A local brewery is combining Paczki donuts with beer to create a "match made in heaven." 

Craft Heads Brewing Company has decided that ahead of Paczki day on Feb. 16, it will combine the Polish sweet with its beer to give people in Windsor something a little different to look forward to. 

"We pride ourselves on being adventurous with what we do here," said Craft Heads co-owner Bryan Datoc. "We've been getting Blak's Bakery Paczki's here for staff on Paczki day for the last few years and it's definitely a match made in heaven." 

Craft Heads said it proposed the idea to Blak's Bakery, a bakery in Windsor that is known for their Paczkis, a few weeks ago. 

Since last week, Datoc said the two companies have been collaborating to make Paczki beer a reality. 

"We actually developed a couple recipes, couple test batches of what we're going to do. So we're going to kind of lean towards the ... sweeter side and then we're going to do different variations on different fillings or create a similar filling itself," he said. 

People can start pre-ordering their Paczki beer, that also comes with freshly baked Paczkis, online, Datoc said. 


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