What is Paczki Day? These locals taste the Windsor delicacy for the first time

Windsor is home to many new residents, many of who have never tried a paczki before — until now.

Sugar-covered, filled pastries come from Polish Catholics who give up sweets for Lent

Varfley Dolleh, Nav Sidhu and James Wilson all tried Paczki for the first time. It's a Polish doughnut with a secure spot in Windsor's traditions. (CBC News)

Whether you celebrate Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday — Paczki Day is a huge tradition for locals in Windsor.

Paczki are traditional Polish doughnuts that distinguish themselves with a richer, sweeter dough and are filled with jams, custard or a traditional prune filling. 

The doughnuts are eaten by Polish Catholics on Shrove Tuesday to splurge before fasting begins for Lent the next day. Lent being the 40-day period many Christians dedicate to fasting and prayer that is followed by Easter.

However, the tradition of eating paczkis on this day has long since spread in the community. 

CBC News caught up with three new Windsorites to introduce them to the local dessert. 

James Wilson from Australia, Varfley Dolleh from Liberia and Nav Sidhu from India all tried paczkis for the first time.

WATCH | Here's what new Windsorites thought of the celebrated paczki: 

New Windsorites take their first bite of a sweet local treat for Paczki Day

4 months ago
Duration 2:22
CBC's Aastha Shetty bought a dozen doughnuts from Steimar Bakery co-owner Anita Della Valley, and shared it them with new Windsorites -- James Wilson from Australia, Varfley Dolleh from Liberia and Nav Sidhu from India.


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