More OPP testimony on day 2 of former Crime Stoppers boss trial

"Grow" records, bundles of cash, and Health Canada licenses were among the items found at 1935 Fox Run Rd. in Leamington during a 2016 marijuana bust at that property, Superior Court of Justice heard Wednesday.

Jon-Paul Fuller was charged after the 2016 raid of an alleged marijuana grow operation in Leamington

$2.9 million of marijuana plants were seized in a bust at this Leamington location in September 2016. (Jason Viau/CBC)

The trial for the former president of Windsor & Essex County Crime Stoppers continued Wednesday, where the Superior Court of Justice heard "grow" records, cash bundles and Health Canada licenses were found during a Leamington drug bust.

Two Ontario Provincial Police officers took the stand Wednesday in the trial of Jon-Paul Fuller.

He's facing four charges: production of substance, possession for the purpose of trafficking, trafficking of substance and forging documentation.

Fuller was the president of Crime Stoppers for just a few months before he was charged. 

He was charged shortly after a property with greenhouses at 1935 Fox Run Rd. in Leamington was the subject of a search warrant on Sept. 21, 2016, in which 2,900 pot plants valued at $2.9 million were seized. 

Police seized 2,900 pot plants in the bust, along with 41 kilograms of harvested marijuana in 2016. (Jason Viau/CBC)

Wednesday's day in court began with witness Const. Charlie Abdul-Massih continuing his testimony, which started on Tuesday. As the exhibit officer on the case, his testimony was related to the items submitted as evidence. 

On Tuesday, photographic evidence showing marijuana plants throughout the property were submitted. 

On Wednesday, Abdul-Massih confirmed that multiple Health Canada permits were among the items seized from the property. The legitimacy of these permits has yet to be verified in court.

During his cross-examination by the defence lawyer, Abdul-Massih testified that numerous bundles of cash were found, in both Canadian and non-Canadian currencies, on the Leamington property.

The third witness of the trial, OPP Sgt. Gerald Ribbie, took the stand Wednesday afternoon.

Ribbie testified that he spoke with a man who came into the Leamington OPP detachment in March 2016 wanting to speak about the operation at the Fox Run Road site.

"I recall him wanting to give the OPP some information about a marijuana grow operation that he said he had a license from Health Canada to grow up to 195 plants," he said on the stand.

Ribbie recalls asking the man to see the license, but does not recall getting to see it.

His testimony was halted for the day and will continue on Thursday.

The crown anticipates calling on 29 witnesses throughout the trial.

The court decided that the trial will continue until end of day Friday, and will then resume mid-October.