OPP charge trucker with watching TV while driving

Police charged a trucker with watching television as he drove along one of Ontario's busiest highways.

Police charged a trucker with watching television as he drove along one of Ontario's busiest highways.

A concerned motorist phoned police just prior to 11 p.m. Thursday to advise them the driver of a tractor-trailer on the 401 appeared to have a television mounted on the dashboard.

An OPP officer located the vehicle, a 2004 Volvo tractor-trailer unit, and it was stopped. Further investigation revealed that the driver had a portable DVD player on the dashboard.

Police charged the 58-year-old driver from Windsor, Ont., with television in front seat, under the Highway Traffic Act.

Police want to remind drivers that it is illegal in Ontario for drivers to use any handheld communications and/or entertainment devices while driving.

The legislation doesn’t ban the use of these electronic devices in vehicles but rather prohibits their use in a way that may cause driver distraction.