Ojibway park designated important to amphibians and reptiles

The designation recognizes natural areas that provide habitat for some of Canada’s most endangered wildlife.
(Ministry of Natural Resources)

Ojibway Prairie Complex has been designated an "important" area for amphibians and reptiles in Canada.

The designation, Important Amphibian and Reptile Area (IMPARA), recognizes natural areas that provide habitat for "some of Canada's most endangered wildlife," according to a news release issued jointly by the Canadian Herpetological Society and Wildlife Preservation Canada.

The groups deem the site "vitally important because it contains large remnants of globally imperilled tallgrass prairie and oak savanna habitat."

Though the designation does not carry any regulatory authority, it is designed to raise awareness for areas that are valuable to amphibians and reptiles, the news release explains.

"A large proportion of snake, turtle, lizard, frog and salamander species in Canada are considered 'at risk' of disappearing from our country," the news release states.

The Ojibway Prairie Complex and Greater Park Ecosystem will be the 11th site to receive the IMPARA designation in Canada.