City of Windsor one step closer to creating off-road cycling trails

Single-track and pump track courses are possibly coming to Malden Park and Little River Corridor Park.

Malden and Little River Corridor Parks may host single-track and pump track courses

Jan Wilson is the executive director of parks and recreation for the City of Windsor. (Dale Molnar/CBC)

Off-road cycling trails may be coming back to Windsor, after city council approved the development of plans for facilities at Malden Park and Little River Corridor Park Monday night.

Jan Wilson, executive director of the city's parks department said the types of courses which the municipality will be looking at are single-track and pump track courses, which is a track designed for minimal pedalling and more body movements.

"Our next stage is to go back and do some community consultation, work with the International Mountain Bike Association and develop some detailed plans," said Wilson, adding the plans will outline specific costs and drawings of where the tracks will be located.

Wilson said the City of Windsor has allocated "placeholder funding" for the development which amounts to $500,000.

Andy Jenner is one of the founders of the Essex County Trails Association. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

Andy Jenner, one of the founders of the Essex County Trails Association, describes himself as an "advanced rider." He said the goal of the trail systems in Malden and Little River Corridor Parks is to be something that appeals to parents and children of all ages.

"The trail system we're proposing for Malden is [one] that goes in levels. It would go from basic to intermediate to advanced," said Jenner.

"If you're going from a basic to an intermediate, there would be an obstacle section you would have to go through to know what you're getting into — same with advanced. You'd be going through obstacles, whether it be some rocks or logs."

He added the association is waiting for their "incorporation numbers" so they can be move forward with developing legal, off-road biking trails at the two parks.

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