New Windsor Community Museum to be split in two

The city is splitting its museum into two parts, half of which will be at the Art Gallery of Windsor the other half will be at the Baby House.

The City of Windsor held an information session about the expansion of Windsor's Community Museum Thursday night.

The city is splitting the museum into two parts.

One will continue to be at the Francois Baby House on Pitt Street.

The other will take over the main floor of the Art Gallery of Windsor.

"People have been really quite thrilled with the whole idea that we're going to be placing more prominence on the history of Windsor through our expansion," curator Madelyn Della Valle said.

Council approved the move last year.

Coun. Fulvio Valentinis said the proposed layout for the new location will be on display.

"It's a beautiful space, so it lends itself to a lot of creative interpretations. The flow-through of the galleries will be opened up a little more to have more of a flow-through experience as you move from one area to another," he said.

The public information session was held at the art gallery.

The art gallery will have a 2,700-square-foot new, permanent exhibit on the history of Windsor, detailing the history from before people settled right up until the present.

There will also be display space and an aboriginal gallery in the main concourse of the first floor.