Nathan Komsa remembered for 'infectious smile' and love of sports

Nathan Komsa, former partner of Level 3 Vodka Emporium and the Bull and Barrel died suddenly on November 11th. He was 33 years old. Nathan, son of Marty Komsa former CEO of the Windsor Family Credit Union, is being described by his family as a loving person who had an infectious smile.
Nathan Komsa, former partner of Level 3 Vodka Emporium and the Bull and Barrel died on Nov. 11. (Komsa Family)

Nathan Komsa was a great golfer with an infections smile. 

On Nov. 11 the former partner of Level 3 Vodka Emporium and the Bull and Barrel died suddenly. He was 33.

Marty Komsa said his son was known as a loving person.

"He was very intelligent. You didn't want to get into to many debates with him because he was usually right," said the former CEO of the Windsor Family Credit Union.

The family has chosen not to disclose the cause of Nathan's death.

"We are a very close-knit family and a very private family. It is a very tough time for us right now what we're going through," Komsa explained.

The Komsa family. (Komsa family)

"Nathan you will be forever missed and we will always have a chair for you at our family gatherings," reads the obituary on the Families First website.

Nathan worked alongside his brothers in the family business as a partner in Komsa Holdings. He helped run the City Grill, Level 3 Vodka Emporium and the Bull and Barrel.

After several years, he left the family business to pursue a career as financial advisor.

Many people left messages of condolences on social media, including some describing the moment they met Nathan.

"I worked in downtown Windsor for 5 years and met a lot of great people along the way. Nathan Komsa was always one of my favourite people I met during my time, " Jay Nickart wrote in a Facebook post.

"The comments that are coming in are just amazing as a tribute to his life," said Nathan's father Tuesday.

Nathan is described as an avid sports fan who spent all of his life playing both baseball and golf. Nathan was on a golf scholarship for four years at Youngstown State University in Ohio where he won the Horizon League Conference Championship.

He also won numerous golf tournaments throughout Windsor and Essex County.

"Nathan was known in Essex County as being one of the best amateur golfers," said Komsa. "Not a lot of people could play the game of golf the way he played it."

Nathan, left, and his father Marty Komsa. (Komsa Family)

He spent most Sundays watching football and rooting for his favourite team the Dallas Cowboys.

"Any chance he could praise the Cowboys and rip on the Lions he would," read a condolence comment on Nathan's Facebook page.

"I'm getting a lot of phone calls and texts saying we lost a very special person," said Komsa.

Komsa told CBC News Nathan had a deep love children, especially his five nieces and nephews. 

Nathan Komsa with his nieces and nephews. (Komsa Family)

The Komsa family is accepting donations for W.E. Care for Kids in Nathan's memory.

"Whenever there was a charity golf tournament for children he was all over that. He wanted nothing better than for young children to succeed," explained Komsa.

The family is hosting a visitation Wednesday November 15 from 2 to 9 p.m. at Families First Funeral Home on Dougall Avenue.

Melissa Nakhavoly