Pinto on Food

Move over, peanuts and Cracker Jack: when it comes to baseball, it's all about hot dogs

Jonathan Pinto doesn't have tickets to the Detroit Tigers home opener, so he's getting into the spirit by chowing down on a gourmet hot dog from A Dog's Breakfast in downtown Windsor.

Windsor Morning's Jonathan Pinto tries the gourmet hot dogs at A Dog's Breakfast in downtown Windsor

Steven Thompson and John Ansell own four businesses on Maiden Lane, including A Dog's Breakfast, which serves gourmet hot dogs, hamburgers and breakfast. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)

I don't have tickets to today's Detroit Tigers home opener.

So I decided to celebrate by doing the next best thing: learning about the gourmet hot dogs from A Dog's Breakfast in downtown Windsor.

Tap on the audio player to learn more.

Chef Leonardo Grado prepares a (Windsor-style) coney dog at A Dog's Breakfast, a restaurant in downtown Windsor, Ont. 1:33

The gourmet dog selection at A Dog's Breakfast is constantly changing. Two of the current offerings are the breakfast dog (bottom; topped with fried egg, bacon and hollandaise) and a Windsor interpretation of the classic Detroit coney (top; topped with vegetarian chili, white cheddar, mustard and onions.) (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)
Brenda Hughes is the manager of A Dog's Breakfast. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)
Maiden Lane is located between Ouellette Avenue and Pelissier Street in downtown Windsor. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)


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