Moose Lodge gets injunction extension, will remain open for Feb.

A complex financing agreement has led to a dispute over whether the Moose Lodge owes money to the owner of the building

Financing agreement at heart of dispute

Moose Lodge continues to operate with a court injunction. (Dale Molnar CBC News)

More details are emerging about the lease dispute at the Moose Lodge 1499 in Windsor.

The lodge has been granted a temporary court injunction to remain open, which has been extended to Feb. 27.

The dispute centres around who actually owns the building, and whether promised property improvements tied to rent payments were actually performed.

According to documents filed in court, the club sold the building to Panther Recycling Corp. on February 15, 2015 for $400,000.

The company leased the building back to the lodge on a 20-year term. Panther allegedly financed the deal with two mortgages, court documents indicate.

The documents say Panther defaulted on its mortgage payments and mortgage holders — one of which is the lodge itself.

In a Facebook post, lodge administrator Dan Batson said Panther was not the landlord because of the complex financing arrangements to buy the building Panther entered into with a third party.

However, this month Panther put the building up for sale and changed the locks, the documents state, effectively shutting down the service club.

More information about the complicated agreement are expected to come out at a lodge membership meeting Thursday night.

Dale Molnar