Mega-hospital planning process begins amidst controversy

There's some conflict when it comes to the process of picking a site for the new mega hospital.

Windsor residents say hospital is soliciting public opinion having already decided on a location

There's some conflict when it comes to the process of picking a site for the new mega-hospital.

A public survey has been launched online, but Citizens for an Accountable Mega-hospital Planning Process are finding faults with the process.

Those with the group say the process is not transparent.

They also accuse officials of being committed to building the hospital on a large greenfield site on the edge of the city.

Shane Mitchell is with the group and explains why he has a problem with that.

"While a location on the edge of the city may seem like it's an ideal location for access from both the county and the city, it's going to be difficult for city residents without a vehicle," he said. "People who are dependeent on public transit or walking to get out to the edge of the city."

The survey will remain up until June 2.

David Musyj is the CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital.

He says the site selection committee hasn't met yet and the speculation isn't true.

"They're going to be meeting in the middle of June until the end of June for the first time," he said. "They're going to be provided with the criteria and they're going to go to the market and get land."

"At this time they haven't had any discussion as a group regarding the process and therefore they haven't made a decision or even contemplated what available properties are there that individuals think meet the criteria," he said.

The online survey was supposed to remain up until June 2, but Musyj says that will most likely be extended.