March Break activities are too expensive, Windsor parents say

As kids look forward to a week of play time and fun activities, some Windsor parents say making March Break arrangements can get expensive.
Jennifer and Nick Hennin have a unique arrangement to save on child care costs, especially during holidays like March Break. (Joana Draghici/CBC)

As Windsor students look forward to a week off school, some of their parents are struggling to find affordable activities to keep busy over the March Break.

Jennifer and Nick Hennin have a six-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. 

They've come up with a unique arrangement to save on child care, especially during holidays like March Break, which they say could leave them in a bind.

He works days and she works nights, using a babysitter for the three hours in the morning when their work overlaps. 

"It wouldn't be my ideal situation, but it's the situation that works best for us as a family, financially and socially," says Nick.

If they had to use a daycare service or hire a sitter for the week it would cost them much more, says Jennifer. 

"We'd end up paying $400 for the week," she says. "That's a little less than what we pay for the whole month."

They've looked into day camps, but they also add up, costing between $350 to $400 for both kids, she says. 

The Hennin's say they'll plan a couple of day activities, but they'll also spend quality time at home together this week. 

March Break is expensive, says single dad 

Kalihma Harris has taken the week off work to spend some quality time with his sons, playing board games and going to the library this week. (Joana Draghici/CBC)

Kilahma Harris finds himself in the same boat. He has two sons under six years old. 

He's self employed and has taken the week off from work to look after the kids. 

"We were checking out prices and they're like $139 per child for any kind of camp, so it's pretty expensive," he says. 

He looked into taking them to Toronto for a couple of days, but after the cost of gas, hotel and food, Harris says he'd have to pay about $500. 

Harris says he's found some free activities they could do during the day. 

"Something we can do that's not so expensive, maybe go to the library, they have some activities there that we've seen online," he says. "There's some puppet shows that are playing at the mall."

Harris also plans to have fun at home with the boys, playing board games and some video games.