Major increase in 311 complaints regarding tall grass in Windsor's parks and yards

The City of Windsor says there's been a 40 per cent increase in complaints to 311 about tall grass in both private properties and parks.

'It just drives me crazy because it just doesn't look nice,' says resident

Natasha Beaulieu lives in Windsor and says a lot of grass in the city has overgrown. (Katerina Georgieva/CBC)

The wetter the weather, the taller the grass.

The City of Windsor says there's been a 40 per cent increase in complaints to 311 about tall grass in both private properties and parks.

"It's everywhere. It just drives me crazy because it just doesn't look nice," said Natasha Beaulieu, who had made calls to 311 every year.

In years past, she said, the grass has been consistently cut in city parks — but that hasn't happened this year.

"I find more city grass around my area. I find a lot more is overgrown," said Beaulieu, adding the uptick in calls to 311 doesn't surprise her.

The City of Windsor says 'saturation' is preventing consistent maintenance work from being performed in public parks. (Katerina Georgieva/CBC)

"Everybody keeps their stuff up and then you drive by an area and there's so much tall grass, it's just not appealing."

Tara Hurst also lives in Windsor and feels the same way.

"Literally all over, the grass is terrible — really, really high. Everywhere we go, it's high," she said.

"They don't cut it — not like any other year I've seen anyways."

But according to James Chacko, the city's manager of parks operations, the constant rain Windsor has seen lately has made keeping the grass trim far too difficult.

"The last five to six weeks obviously, we've had a tremendous amount of rainfall," said Chacko. "Between the ground being very saturated, it simply makes it very difficult for us to to deal with some of the conditions."

In the past, the city has said it takes "several hours and days of sun and dryness" before city crews can perform maintenance work on grass which has seen constant rain.

But according to Hurst, that's not a good enough reason as to why the city hasn't been able to cut its grass.

The forecast is calling for consistent rainfall in Windsor until Wednesday. (Dale Molnar/CBC)

"Honestly, it was high before all the rainfall, so I thought there were plenty of days where that grass could have been cut where it was really dry," said Hurst, adding she has stopped her dog from playing in the grass because she's worried about ticks and fleas.

"People in all the other areas were cutting the grass … if they're able to cut their grass, I don't understand why the city's not cutting our grass.'"

But relief for frustrated residents may be coming soon. According to Chacko, the city is working on getting to all of its parks as soon as it can.

"We have been making a tremendous amount of headway this past week with finally some dry conditions and the sun coming out," he said.

"We're not quite back on track but we're definitely heading that way and we're close."


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